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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Last whole ball of Murano wool - cowl.

I had one more full ball of the Murano wool I bought at the beginning of this winter left and thought I would use it up on a cowl. I am disappointed in the distinctiveness of the stripe that results from the variegation in this wool, so thought I'd choose a pattern that uses the stripe.
In Cowlgirls, I found a pattern for a balaklava, that converts to a cowl - quite a clever design. Instead of using four different colours to achieve the stripe, I used a 200 gm ball of Murano in colour CK27 . 

This has proved to be a softer mix of colours, which blends rather than contrasts the stripes - the most attractive of the three colours I purchased.

I knitted this into the back of the stitch to prevent the skew that has developed with the other balls of this wool.

It is knitted from the top down - hat first, then a split for the face, with a cast-on section joining up the two sides to form the cowl component.

The cowl gets broader around the shoulder.

I'm pleased with the colours in this one - by far the best of the Murano colours I have tried, perhaps because the colours are so well matched in duskiness.

 I used the last of these ceramic buttons from my stash.

This works well as a cowl and converts to a hood if ever needed. It's soft and cosy and looks great.



margaret said...

with winter rapidly approaching this will be put to good use I am sure. Lovely shades of colour in the wool very nice indeed

Jillian said...

Thanks, Margaret. Unfortunately, we are heading into summer down under, but it will keep!

Katherine said...

It might not be as bright as the one in the book but it has worked up beautifully.

Monica said...

Yes, this was a great pattern for the striped yarn. I love the colours too.

I imagine this is the end of all your wool knitting for a while!

Jillian said...

Logic would say you are right, Monica, but I have become a bit addicted and have a couple more wool projects on the go - hope to finish before the hot weather arrives.