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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Skyros Man No. 5

Yes, I have been progressing my Skyros Men in the daylight hours, with the fifth man now finished. I need to take frequent breaks to rest my eyes, but have done large parts in the intended darning stitch.

I went for Bokhara stitch on his pantaloons - to give myself a break from darning stitch, to get texture and to get sheen.
While the main threads in this project are Gumnut silks, the two golds are DMC perle thread, and I  like the result.

I added an ear when I outlined the face, correcting a slight fatness in the shape of his face!

Now I'm rolling on the second panel.


Monica said...

He looks quite jolly! I think the ear was a good idea. I also love the Bokhara stitch, the effect is beautiful. Onwards!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Bokhara is becoming an addiction!

margaret said...

such a happy little chap, you certainly have a major project with these chairs.

Katherine said...

He looks wonderful and it is great to change things too to suit yourself.