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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Crewelwork Tree of Life

As I post this I am back home after a month in the UK, having been to another Crewel Work Company Embroidery Retreat in the Lake District. The blog of my travels tells the story. I had hoped to post to this blog as well while away - but did not manage it. I'm now back to weekly postings.

I  made good progress over the Summer with another panel to go on the Ikea chair that I am covering with crewelwork.

I had been working on the Tree of Life panel - the firescreen design from the Crewel Work Company.

I began with the hound and hillocks ( yes, I admit to rushing in without reading the instructions, which suggest elsewhere!)

I did, nevertheless, have a really good time stitching it.

It took two hoop positions to get to this point, after which, I returned to where I should have started....

Much of this was done on holiday at a beach south of Adelaide. Since I travelled there by car there was no trouble transporting hoop and stand.

After returning from the beach, I managed to quickly work another hoop.

Then on to the  last full hoop - and finally the two  moves to finish areas either side of this.

I wanted to have this finished and added to my chair before I left for the Crewel Work Company Retreat in the Lake District at the end of February.

I wasn't stressed about it - I was enjoying it too much for that!

I managed to work on steadily, section by section.
When I took it out of the hoop it had the usual raggy look.

Blocking soon fixed that.
The weekend before I left I managed to add it to my chair.

 As it was a bit longer than the chair I have a couple of strips I can embroider to fit alongside the squarish piece on the seat - now I am back I can attend to it.

Next step is the parrot panel to go on the other side of the back.

I have, of course, a couple of projects to finish from the Retreat - as well as one from a one-day RSN course. These will take priority - but it won't be long now. I'll report progress next week.