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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Skyros Man 7

The seventh Skyros Man was the first of the men to be stitched not on the straight grain of the linen, but slightly on a slant. In order to fit the 12 men around the curve of my chair, the two men closest to the front on either side need to be positioned at a slight angle -  across the fabric grain. This is not a problem for the design but makes it slightly awkward to stitch. I decided to work the jacket in Bokhara stitch - which worked well. I also like the way the darning stitch on the trousers came out when worked an angle.


I wasn't sure how the cream silk floss would look in the jacket, but it came up well, especially once the edges were outlined. The jacket has a lovely sheen and texture.

Here he is in context - motifs and one more man to finish this second panel.


Monica said...

What an undertaking this is, Jillian! It is looking SO good so far. I like the effect of the Bokhara stitch vs the darning on an angle - it helps to make each one individual and interesting. How many more to go?

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. There are 12 men altogether - four per panel, so one more for this panel and then a third panel. I'm also considering what to put on the cushion. Not a man!

margaret said...

coming along a treat all your men

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret!

Katherine said...

Looks fantastic seeing them all together. Glad that the grain of the fabric isnt causing too many issues for you.