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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bags for iPod Nanos.

This year we bought iPod Nanos for our twin granddaughters' birthdays. When they arrived I was a bit worried they would be too easily lost, so our daughter bought large headphones and I made bags to contain the Nanos with headphones attached.

I used a couple of fat quarters from my stash, pinks with stars for Veronica, embroidered in her favourite mauve colour, and black with butterflies for Niamh, embroidered in yellow - matching the Nanos.

 I also decided to try out a couple of variations on chain stitch to embroider their names - a whipped chain on Niamh's and a looped chain stitch on Veronica's.

 I used Velcro to close the bags, figuring this is more secure than a drawstring (also knowing that Veronica has been know to cut out the drawstring ribbon to use on her hair!).

Hopefully these will help to keep the Nanos in use for some time to come.


margaret said...

what a good idea, all this modern tecknowledgy not even sure what a nano is

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. Nanos are a firm of iPod - very small devices for playing music, audiobooks and video, but no Internet access.