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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Second Skyros Panel Finished

The small motifs are finished off and the second panel for my chair is out of the frame and ironed.

I pinned the new panel on to the chair cover, while it was still on the chair. This gives me the most reliable fit.

I then removed the cover from the chair and stitched the panel to the cover using my machine.

I am mightily pleased with the result.

There is, however, no stopping now, as the chair looks decidedly unfinished!

Four more men and a few motifs to go.


Lyn Warner said...

It looks lovely! Keep going and please show us the final panel. Lyn

Monica said...

It is sooo good, Jillian! I think I've said it before, but it will be like joining a party every time you sit down to sew. :D

I hope you are considering sending a photo off to CB when it's done - I'm sure the designer will be thrilled to see it too.

Katherine said...

Loving it! Can't wait to see it finished. I agree with Monica about sending a pic when finished to CB. It is quite an achievement.

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica and Katherine. Yes, I thought I'd send a photo to CB. Got to finish it first!

margaret said...

your chair is looking amazing, surely you are not going to let anyone sit onit

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. Yes, I am sitting in it myself and I hope it is well-used.