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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Owl teacosy from salvaged wool

I had a request from friends for a teacosy. After looking through the patterns I had,  they chose an owl - the one I made for one of our own teapots a while back. This was on my list of things to make, but when the first large egg-basket felting failed, I realised that the wool I unravelled unscathed would be perfect for an owl. So this is the result.

I had some cream acrylic left from the Failynn Fox cowls. I mixed that with some grey two-ply for the breast and used the unravelled mixture of Bendigo Classic Java and the variegated Shepherd Colour4Me .

I used a few oddments of  brown and white alpaca for the beak and eyes. Here are the assembled bits.

The Bendigo Classic Java and Shepherd Colour4Me mix is remarkable - no sign at all that it went through the felting process - just lovely thick, even wool - great for keeping tea warm.

Here she is completed, and minding one of our smaller teapots.

Friends are happy and so am I. The owl looks a bit sad - but will no doubt cheer up on the larger teapot for which she is intended.


margaret said...

what a cutie, not many of us use tea pots these days. This makes me think I should make one for my small tea pot, did one for the large years ago.

Monica said...

LOL, I love it! I think it would cheer you up in the morning no end. Great job!

Jillian said...

Thanks Girls. Itwas fun to make.

katherine said...

He's so cute!