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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Men of Skyros: Original Darning Man

With a bit more confidence and my clip-on magnifiers I have returned to the first Skyros man I began. This time progress has been more to my liking.

With the magnifiers I can see well enough to work the darning  as a running, rather than a stabbing stitch while the work is still in the large floor-standing hoop. This makes it much easier to get a base line to work from. Rows can then simply follow the 3x1 darning pattern of the original row - much faster and more satisfactory.

The new work is denser and more even than the original.

The work isn't fast,but it is not painstakingly slow either, and, more importantly, it is enjoyable!

I have dubbed this figure 'Original Darning Man' in recognition of the darning or running stitch, and his place figure on which I began the project. I have, in fact, experimented with a couple of other stitches, and have Bokhara Man and Lattice Man on the go as well. More on them soon.

I am very grateful for the encouragement and tips from fellow stitchers and bloggers. Lyn's blog on magnifiers is helpful. I wrote about my clip-on magnifier when stitching the Toy Chest Etui and should, in hindsight, have been ready to use it when I started my Skyros men.

I bought my magnifiers in Australia from the Fox Collection.

The magnifiers make a big difference in getting a good base line to begin the running stitch. From there, with the magnifier, I can see to (1) move over by one thread and (2) move down one thread in each stitch. There is much less counting when you can clearly see the thread and stitch length you are following!

So Original Darning Man is finished and I am very satisfied. I am also pleased with some of my stitch variations and will incorporate them - but I am satisfied that I can restore running, or darning, stitch to its place as the main stitch for this project.


Lyn Warner said...

I'm glad that you are finding it easier with the magnifiers. It took me a while to realise that I just had to wear magnifiers for fine work and now I can't do without them. I'm looking forward to seeing more or your Skyros men. Happy stitching!

Katherine said...

He looks fantastic! Sometimes I think I could benefit from magnification too.

margaret said...

your Skyros man has turned out beautifully, such very neat stitching.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your stitching looks terrific as does your Darning Man.

Monica said...

It looks excellent, the darning stitch is a very nice technique. I am glad you were able to find a way to do it.

A chair is such an ambitious project! But it is nice that you can use it at the same time that you are stitching for it!