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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Men of Skyros: Lattice Man

I am very happy so far with my Bokhara and Darning Men of Skyros, but thought I'd try a lattice on the pantaloons of the third of the men.

It was relatively easy to put in the first row of threads. I put the lines two threads apart - easier to see than the single thread of the original mending stitch. The even-weave linen helped.

Similarly, there is plenty of guidance to place the horizontal row.

Couching down the thread intersections, is however, a bit trickier. Here I have only couched down the top tips and the lower left - but developed a bit of a curve in the latter. By working two threads apart for the original rows, I gave myself a bit of a challenge in couching in small spaces.

From a distance, he looks as if he is wearing gingham, or checks. It will be quite a hard-wearing stitch, and worth the experiment, but it isn't a stitch I am going to use again on this project now I have the darning stitch under control.

I have applied the darning stitch to the rest of Lattice Man - with my magnifiers I can work a proper running stitch!

We had a couple of sunny Winter days while I was working on him. I took my hoop into the sunny extension and worked in the natural light. Jim took a photo.

Here's Lattice Man finished, and, below, the three men so far.


margaret said...

your men are coming along a treat, lovely stitching, good that you are using such a variety of stitches and the colours are good too.

Katherine said...

Lovely photo of you working away. They are coming along fantastically. Nothing better than some crafty time in the winter sun.

Monica said...

What a beautiful room you have built to stitch in! I am so impressed with your posture, too. I am a horrible slouch when I stitch, which is probably why I am always sore. The chair is going to be gorgeous!

Enjoy your holiday!