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Saturday, October 22, 2016

Punto Umbro mat finish

I did finish the Punto Umbro mat from Christine Bishop's Embroiderers' Guild Class - the post has been delayed by my preoccupation with my two BATB classes. This was such an enjoyable project that I don't want to lose recording the finish.
As it was counted thread work, the finish involved, unsurprisingly, much counting of threads and tacking - to mark the boundaries of the work, to create a hem and then to decorate and edge that hem - all in logical sequence. The perfect geometry of the process is part of the satisfaction.
There was a row of drawn thread work and then an outer edge complete with picots.
I decided to use mine under a shallow pale green  glass for floating a flower. I love the mottling of the shadows on the linen.


Monica said...

Beautifully finished, and what a perfect fit the cloth is for that glass! That will be a wonderful arrangement to keep fresh with new flowers. A very satisfying finish!

margaret said...

such a pretty mat and uou have displayed it beautifully