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Monday, October 31, 2016

Cathedral window bag experiment

After making the Cathedral Window pincushion last week, I was really curious to see how the technique works out when the 'windows' are joined together in a larger piece, so I set about finding out. I went through my stash and found a piece of purple cotton left over from my 2014 hexagon quilt (still very much in use). There was enough to cut 12 of the base squares (20.3cm) for the Cathedral Window. I machine stitched these into the required envelope shapes.
I hand-stitched them together to give me my experimental base. I did reasonably well on consistency and accuracy - but it was by no means perfect.

I used various small pieces from my stash as the inserts. I love the way this process echoes past projects and triggers memories.  I included a little medallion from a Japanese wrapping cloth that Jim had brought back from a visit to Japan. He was always keen to be represented in such projects, so I thought I'd keep that going.

I  was helped along by a new tin of Sajou pins a house guest had bought for me. Long, sharp, very smooth pins made a difference.

As I finished the inserts, and, as ever, committed to turning all work into something useful, I decided the shape and size I had would make a bag, so I picked up a zip and inserted it along the narrower edges.

While I was very pleased with the overall effect, I wasn't pleased with the neatness of the points where the diamonds join. Try as I might, I could not get them neat, let alone invisible.

I experimented, embroidering over each join with contrasting red thread. I began by binding the intersections, but found it could be achieved with cross-stitching which both covered and secured the joins.

I'm very pleased with this experiment. I learned a lot. As much as I like the effect - and the little bag I have made - I doubt I currently have the skill or patience to make a quilt using this technique. I would need to get much better at machining really accurately and also solve the problem of connecting the points of the diamonds. I will need to practice on a few more small projects before I think about a major project.


margaret said...

this is pretty and practical, wow to tackle a full bed quilt will be wonderful, I am sure after a bit of practice you will achieve it, it will be very warm as there is so much fabric involved in this technique. I did a small sample when I did my C & G embroidery and plan to try a pin cushion soon

Jillian said...
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Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I hope you do try one soon - is be very interested in your experience. I'm not confident I can take on a quilt - I found the point connections really tricky. The thickness and fact that it is already backed is certainly an attraction.

Monica said...

Well, this is really rich and beautiful, Jillian! That purple is a great background -- dark enough to showcase the feature fabrics and light enough to show the wonderful texture of the technique. What a gorgeous finish! Great job. :D