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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Certificate Course: Cathedral Window Pincushion with Barbara Mullan

The October workshop for the Embroiderers' Guild of SA Certificate Course was held on 22 October. Taught by Barbara Mullan, it fitted into the Fabric Manipulation section of the Certificate. Fundamentally, it was a quilting technique which we applied to a pincushion - and finished within the course of the day!

We began with two squares of fabric. The instructions were very specific as to size. The fabric suggested was calico. I was not the only student whose method of measuring and ripping did not produce perfect squares! Nevertheless, I managed to square it up in the process of making the two envelopes of fabric, into which we then inserted the smaller squares of colour.
It is a fantastic process. We then folded our piece to join the two short ends and inserted another small square of fabric in the diamond shape formed on the other side of what became our pincushion. It is magic! 
The edge of the diamond shape formed by the folds covers the raw edge of the inserted fabric. You choose whether or not to fold down the outer edges of the background fabric according to the effect you want.
I had thought my 2014 effort to make a hexagon quilt from scraps of fabric saved over the years had satisfied any desire I had to make quilts. This workshop, however, inspired me. I could see myself gradually putting together a summer quilt using this method. There would be no need for backing. The little 'pockets' into which the diamond 'windows' are inserted are already backed and quite self-contained. You could get great effects with small scraps of left-over fabric.

I really loved this workshop. I think we all did. We left with a finished pincushion - and bursting with ideas of other ways to apply the techniques we'd learned.

Watch this space!


margaret said...

sch a pretty pin cushion I have down loaded a pdf to make one of these one day

Monica said...

I love Cathedral Windows designs, so I will be happy to see one started! Your pincushion is perfect. :D

One of my Japanese magazines has the most beautiful Cathedral Windows coverlet done in an ecru Swiss dot fabric for the background, and pale pink rosey fabrics in the squares. Then there is a wide filet crochet border. Perfect for a hot sticky climate! I am keen to see what you have planned.

Jillian said...

At the moment this is only the beginning of an idea - so nothing planned as yet. I know I want to use scraps of leftovers for the "windows" but no thoughts yet about background.