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Monday, October 17, 2016

BATB: Jenny Adin Christie, Whitework Buttons

I chose Jenny Adin Christie's Whitework Button class at BATB because I had purchased the kit for her 5 buttons at the last BATB two years ago. I had enrolled in her one-day class, chosen the simplest button and completed it in the day. The kit has been sitting in a drawer for two years, so I decided I should enrol again and at least complete one more button.
Jenny is a great teacher, and a class with her is a pleasure.
This time I chose what seemed to me the most complex of the buttons, the Scabiosa. It is quite large and involves shadow work, padded satin stitch, cut work, beading, French knots and a range of eyelet work. It is worked on French gauze mounted over fine linen - prepared in advance by Jenny as part of the kit.
The shadow backstitch/herringbone is worked first and then the inner eyelet circle and the padded satin stitch. The latter was for me the tricky part. - getting the satin stitch smooth. Jenny had several tips about this, which really helped.  The great advantage of working with a teacher is the very specific technique help and practice.

I made quite a lot of progress in the class - both in terms of improving my technique and in the amount I was able to do.

As I had expected in choosing this particular button, I did not finish it in class but Jenny had provided instruction in all components.

After the class I set myself to finish this button as a priority. As usual, I had only enrolled in two classes at BATB - what I can realistically take on and finish. The whitework button took me a week of working on not much else and was really enjoyable.

The outer ring of ladder stitch eyelets gave me trouble. I did not succeed in making the holes distinct enough. I need more practice in this technique.

Once again, I decided to turn the button into a brooch, rather than display it in a box, so, after backing and lacing, mounted it on the felt backing provided.

I now have two of the five buttons in the kit completed. I regard these as practice pieces rather than perfection (which is just as well!)  I am in it for the learning.

Having tackled this large and complex button, I feel more confident to proceed with the others without counting on Jenny to return to BATB three times over the next six years to finish the kit!

Now I can turn my mind to Japanese beading again.


Lyn Warner said...

I love the dainty row of beads next to the openwork. What a pretty project!

margaret said...

such a pretty button and so detailed very good stitching skills you have shown here

Jillian said...

Thanks Lyn. Yes, the pearl beads are a nice touch, aren't they?

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret - I'm improving (I think!).

Monica said...

Yes, these are beautiful designs, and you have done a great job with this one. I would not like to try ladder stitch in a circle!

I hope your beading is going well. :D

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. The ladder stitch worked well for Jenny! I found it hard to keep the holes open. I have the beading set up but haven't progressed it as yet.