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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Birthday gifts from the children

My birthday is in January and I wanted to record and share the gifts that my four grandchildren made and gave me for my birthday, with a little help from their parents.

Brigid made me a set of hairclips and brooches in polymer, using a tiny mould she has of a rose. Once out of the mould, the roses are baked in the oven, then attached to pins.

The hairclips are really easy to use and the tiny brooches will be perfect for those tops that need a pin to hold a strap in place.

Fionn made me a brooch from some of his lego! The lego is glued to the base, and a pin is attached to the back.

It looks really amazing.

Niamh stitched me a pincushion and a needlebook.  They are both strong and secure - great stitching and really useful. I have been using them in making the quilt.

Veronica used fabric paint, a paper doiley and calico to create a stencil  that her mother stitched to a backing fabric to make a placemat. At the moment I have this on the wall behind my desk so I can look at it.

How lucky am I?


margaret said...

belated happy birthday, what talented grandchildren you have so lovely to have things they have made. I am sure you will treasure them all

katherine said...

Happy birthday! The grandies have made some beautiful and very special gifts for you.

Lyn Warner said...

What wonderful presents! Lucky Granny!

Monica said...

Happy Birthday! What a great haul. :) I particularly like the Lego brooch. The Lego Movie is out next week, and I am dying to see it! It looks really funny, and I expect it to be clever too.

How nice that they all made the gifts. Is that a family tradition?

Jillian said...

Thanks everyone for comments and birthday wishes. I'm not sure how long it takes to create a tradition, Monica. My daughter has been making these gifts with the children for 3-4'years.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Such sweet, adorable and wonderful gifts! Happy belated birthday :)

crafty cat corner said...

So good to see that the children are making things, so often the tele takes precedence.
I bet you'll cherish those gifts, I know I would