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Friday, January 31, 2014

More rows on hexagon quilt

In between embroidering the centres of the coloured hexagon 'flowers', I have progressed to four rows.

I tested it on the bed  and made a few decisions.

I had worked on the basis of the hexagons on the top of the bed and a plain border or around 12 inches overhanging. At this point I decided I wanted two more hexagons in the width (from 14 to 16 coloured ones) so there was one row overhanging on each side, then a border of around 12 inches - so there will be good coverage.

I also decided to finish each edge with a row of full black hexagons, rather than the half-rows I had before.

I then made the appropriate additions to the four rows to establish the new scheme.

By testing the 16 row width on the bed as the length, I decided that I would make the length 14 coloured rows, plus the border. I want this to be a working quilt, so I think I now have the dimensions that will work for our bed.

This has enabled me to make more accurate calculations about the number of hexagons I need - and additional black fabric I will need to buy. The numbers of 3/4" hexagons stack up to 2087 black, 128 red centres, 128 purple centres, and 1428 other coloured.

I had already identified and cut nearly enough coloured pieces, so have topped these up to the requirement and organised them in plastic bags for each row. I have bought the black fabric I need, and will gradually cut and add this to the bags, so each bag will allow me to progress one coloured and one black row.

I also figured out that Monica was right in suggesting my 300 papers are not going to be enough. I took on board the suggestion of another friend and managed to find (after quite a bit of searching) a paper punch that will make 3/4 " hexies. I have so far added about 200 papers to my supply and am recycling the 500.

So - all set for production!


Monica said...

That paper punch looks like a very good thing! It is perfect for a large hexagon quilt. If I decide to make another after Texas Star, I will consider that option too.

I am impressed that you have most of your coloured fabrics cut already. To me, the cutting is the worst part. It's going to be awesome, Jillian!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Most hexagon paper punches turned out to be the wrong size. The Creative Memories one was exactly right. I'm trying to keep a rough count of how many papers I end up needing.

I cut the fabrics up front because, as well as wanting to know where I am going, I, too, find it the worst part! Cutting 2" squares isn't too bad (especially when they don't need to be perfect). I'm so glad you pointed me to this method rather than cutting fabric hexagons! It has made it possible.

katherine said...

The quilt is looking great on your bed. What a great idea to get a paper punch too. Never though of that when I was reusing hexies lol.

margaret said...

this is going to be an amazing quilt when finished, a great deal of work entailed but wow it will be worth it. The punch is a great idea for your papers, I know you can but them ready cut but to me that is a bit of a waste of the pennies. Best of luck with your progress. Just read in your comment that you cut the fabric in squares, I have started doing that too so much easier but I recently read about making the hexies out of a circle of fabrics and then you do not need the papers at all, not tried that method yet.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. I wouldn't have thought of the punch but for a friend.

Margaret, I will be interested to see the circle method. I think I might find cutting circles quite difficult. If the fabric is evenly woven I find I can tear 2" strips and cut squares very quickly with a diagonal fold.