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Friday, February 14, 2014

Hexagon Centres: Inside out wheel flowers

In between updates on the progress of the long rows of my hexagon quilt, I will put together a few of the hexagons centre embroidery motifs I have added. The embroidered centres are a little treat to keep me going on the long journey to join the hexagons.

The hexagon centres in this post are embroidered with variations of Mary Corbet's inside out button-hole wheel flowers. I have not added her inside row of buttonhole stitch in these examples.

Again, I like the flexibility of this stitch. It allows for considerable colour variation and also adds texture without bulk or likelihood of catching. It is very relaxing and a lot of fun to match the colours and variations to the fabric.


margaret said...

you are certainly busy with the hexies, love that you have a bit of embroidery on them. Do you embroider before you sew them together or after?

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I join one row of 16 hexies together, then embroider them, then join the row to the quilt. I find it easier to embroider several at a time but do it before I have to hold the whole quilt.

Monica said...

This is a good motif for the hexagons. They look great! I love that Morris Meadows piece in there too.

So much fun! It's looking good. :)