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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Patchwork Progress

I have now struck a rhythm of stitching up and adding two rows of hexagons at a time to my quilt. I have a pattern of stitching one full row of 16 coloured hexie "flowers", then one full row of 17 black hexie "jewels". Then, as a reward, I embroider the centres of the coloured ones.

Finally, I stitch the two rows together and then stitch the two to the quilt.

I now have 13 rows finished - 6 coloured and 7 black. Two rows ago, I thought I might only need 27 rows in all, rather than the original 29 planned. After 13 rows I tried the work the other way around on the bed, placing it where I'd like it to end up.

I discovered I have already reached half-way. It will only need 25 rows, not 27 or 29.

I am, of course, overjoyed by this discovery - even though it means I have two spare rows of coloured hexies cut! It gives me a bit more flexibility in mixing my fabrics - and I am not even beginning to think what I can do with spare hexies!

This is a big incentive to keep my rhythm going as I go away for a few days break (with a supply of papers and fabric squares!).


Monica said...

At this rate you will be done in no time! It looks great. Bon voyage!

margaret said...

this is looking good, please can you tell us n the next blog what size your hexies are or maybe I could go back to previous posts and find out for myself