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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Skyros Chair: the eleventh man

I have taken the last panel of my Skyros Men out of my floor stand and oval hoop for the last two men and four remaining small motifs.

I worked the two remaining bird motifs with the panel in my hand rather than in the hoop.

I then mounted the panel in a sitting frame This gives me a bit more flexibility in when and where I stitch it.

I had to leave the attached calico side panels on to fit the end man in the hoop- so I worked him first. Thus the eleventh man stitched is the twelfth man in the panel.

Now that he is finished, I can remove the calico side panels and fit the one remaining figure, with his two associated flower motifs, securely into the 12 inch hoop to complete the panel.

The end is now well in sight and reach.


Monica said...

So close! I imagine all other projects will fall by the wayside now until this is done. It's looking good!

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Yes, I am itching to finish it now.

margaret said...

this chair is gong to be AMAZING ans I believe it is almost complete now.

I am thinking you are a member of embroidery friends?

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I'm getting there. I don't know an organisation called Embroidery Frends - although I have quite a few embroidery friends - yourself included!

margaret said...

a very splendid bird which will look wonderful when stitched
Embroidery friends is a worldwide group of stitchers, a breakaway from the Emnroiderers Guild forum which no longer exists. I am no longer a member of EB but still with the friends group that is open to all.