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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Toy chest etui: Scissor keep, side one

As I reach each piece of the Toy Chest contents on my laid-out fabric, I am now finding more and more done because of the thread ends I have used up. I can see it won't be too long before I will run out of places to use those ends!

My notes from the BATB workshop indicate the scissor keep is an easy piece to stitch. That was pretty much so. one side is squared rather than curving, and has a basket weave pattern on just over half.

While the basket-weave is straightforward, I found myself thinking of that exercise in coordination - pat your head with one hand and rub your tummy with the other.

The basket-weave pattern is made up of three stitches over a count of four threads. I reckon at least six times I had to unpick my four stitches over four threads!

I did quite a lot of this stitching outside in the sun - now that the weather has warmed up. It is easier to stitch in natural light if I stay out of the glare.

That's why the linen in the photo of the finished item is washed out and shows the sun shining through!

This is now what my 'canvas' looks like.


margaret said...

I so admire the work here, working on such a fine linen and producing such beautiful stitches well done

Monica said...

The basketweave looks great. I know well what you mean by an apparently simple count not being so simple after all! That was my experience with my first attempt at Hardanger recently. But, your diligence has paid off!