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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Toy chest etui: Primer pincushion bottom

I am now on the home stretch - the two pieces of the pincushion are the last items from the single piece of linen on my frame.  When the pincushion is stitched I can remove the whole piece from my frame and think about construction. There are two extra pieces for the chest, but they are separate.

The pincushion is a Primer - stitched like a box with a lid.
I had a little bit done from left-over thread.
This piece tested my original decision to do the back-stitch outline of each piece before I started. I still don't think I could have done without it - unless I had outlined each piece in tacking, and replaced the tacking with back-stitch when finished. I'm not sorry I skipped that!

With this piece I had quite a bit of difficulty with the borders. It was really difficult to see what I was doing on either side of the back-stitch line that marks the central rectangle. As well as a very crowded thread line, the sage thread is pale and blends.

Also, of course, I am tired and wanting to finish.

After working on it for the best part of a day, I took a break in the evening and worked on some ballet bears for the Christmas tree.

In the morning the satin stitch border came much more easily.

I also fixed that lower -left corner of the cross-stitch border (upper left on this photo), where I think I must have been stitching in my sleep!

The final product.

Now for the last piece - the front cover of the primer/pincushion.


The Lady Stitcher said...

You're doing sensationally with this, i wish i could stitch at your speed. You'll love the construction techniques!

Monica said...

Are you really down to the last piece? You're doing great!

katherine said...

Its been wonderful to watch as you work through this fantastic project. Not long now and we can all see the construction of it too.

margaret said...

have enjoyed following the stitching of your project