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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Toy chest etui: Button box

When I moved on to the button box, I already had a few bits in place from using up the ends of threads, so my order of work was determined by picking up on what was there.
I worked the edges first with the clay-coloured thread, then the lower-case 'b' which is also in clay.
The little gold rabbit (well, 'bunny' to keep the 'b' theme going!) was one of those smile-inducing motifs.

I needed to pay attention as I turned from square to square - it would be very easy to stitch a motif upside down.

I have by now rolled the linen on to the beginning frame.  Six pieces to stitch after this one!

I thought I had finished, but notice in this photo that there is one yellow stitch missing on the bluebird's beak. It will be done the next time I use the primrose thread!


Monica said...

This is a pretty one. Is the bee on the bottom? It seems too nice to hide away. :)

katherine said...

You are still powering along! I love the bluebird.

Jillian said...

Yes, it's a bee, hiding on what will be the bottom of the box. I like the bluebird,too it's a very neat one - and I'm partial to a bluebird!