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Friday, November 16, 2012

Toy chest etui: Scissor case side 1.

At BATB Betsy Morgan said she thought no toy chest would be complete without a doll, so she created the scissor case (this is the term I am now using after deciding there is no consistency about fobs and keeps!) to represent an Amish woman on one side and an Amish man on the other. In the style of Amish dolls, they  have no faces. While the exact original reason for this is no longer clear, researchers relate it either to the Old Testament injunction to make no graven image, or to the notion that only God can create a person.

I find the no-face Amish dolls disconcerting, but will stick to the tradition for this one.

I began with the man.

Once again, I had a few odd bits already done.

The hard bit for the male side of the scissor fob was the top section of the trousers - lots of tricky counting with both one and two threads to get the effect of pleats.

Once that was in place, the rest was more straightforward. Here he is with all but the handle and contents of his bag finished.

Two strands of thread would have given better coverage for the black, but that is more obvious in the photo than it is on the piece itself.

After using up some left over black thread from his breeches, I came back and filled in the handle and contents - corn, or possibly wheat.

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