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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Penguin Bling

I have a friend who likes penguins. She and another friend from university days visit Adelaide for a few days each year. Earlier this year a kit of penguin Christmas tree ornaments caught my eye in one of Herrshner's weekly sales so I bought it and worked on it in between other projects.

I rather like these felt ornament kits - pretty simple to do, take shape in front of your eyes - and exceedingly blingy.

They are all absurd - carrying candy canes, wearing top hats, scarves and bow-ties - and hurling snowballs.

The connection of penguins to Christmas? Snow, I guess. Given that penguins are Southern hemisphere animals and snow is a Northern hemisphere phenomenon in December just adds to the absurdity - in for a penny, in for a pound of absurdity I say.

My only complaint about this kit is that it comes with a reel of nylon thread, assuming that all the stitching, not just the beading and sequins, will be done with it. I persevered with the nylon thread for several penguins before digging out some stranded cottons and using it for the remainder - much easier on the eyes, and much less slippery in the needle.

My friends were in Adelaide last weekend - and  Pat was very pleased with her penguins. I reckon anything that makes us smile as these do is well worth making.


Karyn said...

my son is a huge penguin fan too. (not sure why but he is!). These kits do look good, I have just never tried one. You have made some very cute little penguins from yours.

Monica said...

I think penguins are an excellent addition to the Christmas pantheon, myself. I have a few glass ones for the tree.

I have a box of felt projects in my stash downstairs. I really like them, but gosh, when will I do them? So I'm happy to see you doing yours! They look great. :D

katherine macwin said...

they are so cute!