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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toy Chest Etui: Lid

The lid of the Toy Chest is the last of the three "large" pieces in the project. Even though the order of embroidery doesn't matter at all, I decided I'd feel I am making more progress if I finish the pieces for the chest itself and then move on to the smaller items.

I am now into a routine of border outlines, followed by the figures inside. This is my favourite piece so far. I really like the elegance of the design - so much grace in the fall of the branches.

I played around a little with the green of the leaves (originally to cover an error in the thread I used, but then for effect).

This photo of the finished lid is a bit washed out and there is a tiny adjustment needed on one of the top leaves.

I like the design a lot, however and am looking forward to constructing the lid in particular. It has a curved shape that will be interesting to create.


margaret said...

this is coming along so well you must be putting hours of stitching in

Monica said...

Yes, it really looks great. The fabric and threads are just lovely - I'm sure it is a delight to sew.

Karyn said...

Your chest is coming along beautifully. It must be nice to ee the designs appearing under your fingers. Can't wait to see it finished (no pressure!!)