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Friday, October 5, 2012

Yet another Duftin Bag

I mentioned that two interstate friends visiting last weekend. One is the friend for whom I made the blingy Christmas penguins. I decided the other friend would like one of the embroidered Duftin bags I have in my stash, so last week I suspended other stitching activity to cross-stitch another of these.

I chose a flowered one in black.

These are easy projects to carry around - no instructions needed. The bags are pre-made, very strong, grosgrain fabric, and the thread, scissors and needle go inside the bag for convenient carriage - a take anywhere project. The thread comes in long precut lengths, so you can even manage without scissors if you are taking it on a plane, as I in fact did.

The challenge is to keep the thread going in a direction that will not involve cutting as the pattern twists and turns.

As simple as it is, the design is lovely, cleverly exploiting the spaces created between the cross and the back stitch.

My friend was delighted with her bag and used it for her many purchases in Adelaide over the weekend. I got the pleasure of making it, and of seeing it used. Very satisfying.


margaret said...

what a great idea, I should think quite relaxing. Presume you stitch the lining in after or do you stitch through both bag and lining?

Jillian said...

No, the bag isn't lined - which is fine as long as you are careful to begin and end off your thread securely on the back and don't 'jump' from one section to another. It would be simple enough to add a lining, but hasn't proved necessary.

Monica said...

It looks great! A very elegant design. I think your friend will get a lot of use from it. :)

Karyn said...

There is nothing better than seeing something you have made be used and appreciated (and not thrown in a cupboard somewhere).
Your bag turned out so well, and using just black thread makes it so striking. A lovely present indeed.