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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Emily, Molly and Bella

A while ago I indulged in three felt doll kits on special from Herrschners. Each kit delivered to Australia cost me $11.30 Australian. I bought Emily, Molly and Bella and began with Emily.

These kits are designed so children 8 years and over can make them. They come with everything needed to make the dolls - even the stuffing in a vacuum-sealed bag!

The felt pieces have holes punched where the stitches need to go. They use back stitch and blanket stitch.

They would be great for using with groups of kids - or for craft in nursing homes.
It is a simple, effective design. Instructions are fairly clear and the diagrams good. All stitching is done with a tapestry needle.

The kit includes a bag of beads that are emptied into the body below the stuffing to give it weight and sitting capacity. I reinforced the stitching around the bottom to be sure no beads would leak out.

It took me 6-7 hours from start to finish to make the first one (Emily). I added a mouth (which is not quite as crooked as the photo shows) because I don't like mouthless dolls.

It turns out by serendipity that the colours of this match perfectly the dress I smocked for Niamh, so I was pleased to find fabric in the colour-way of the second doll, Molly, for Veronica's dress!


Molly took me only about 5 hours to make.

These were exceptionally popular birthday presents. They just fit inside the bags I made to go with the dresses, but haven't spent much time in the bags!

Bella (kit picture, Brigid's has a mouth!)
I had a third doll kit, Bella, which I made up in about 4 hours last weekend for Brigid, who was going to Sydney to spend 5 days with her great uncle and aunt.

I accompanied her over but she will return on her own. I thought Bella would be a welcome companion.

I was right.

These were fun to make and very easy - a great idea. I notice they are out of stock at Herrschners, but still available elsewhere. I have requests for more clothes which shouldn't be too hard to fulfil.


margaret said...

I can see you had great fun making these little dolls and know they have gone to homes where they will bb greatly loved

Monica said...

They ARE cute, and I agree, they are nicer with a smile. Fun for all ages, I think!