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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chicken apron

I am a sucker for quick and easy kits. I couldn't resist a Herrschner's special on a cheery apron with a cross stitch chicken printed on it - and matching 'kitchen towels'. I ordered the thread kit for good measure.

The colours are not those of any chicken I can remember - but I am no chicken expert! They are bright and attractive, so I went along with them.

In addition to the chicken, the apron has rows of off-set squares, under the chicken to represent (I presume) the ground, and along the hem of the apron for decoration. These proved very useful for using up the ends of thread from bits of the chicken.

This was a fun project. It reminds me of the children's book Rosie the Hen Went for a Walk. It is a Rosie kind of chicken.

I didn't much like the Craftways thread - some of it frayed and shredded - but I got by.

It made a good present.


katherine macwin said...

gorgeous chicken! i am off to a farm about an hour from here over the weekend to hopefully pick up a few new chickens to assist with the egg supply. our girls have just turned 3 so it is time to add some younger ones in.

Monica said...

Cute project, Jillian! I know what you mean about the cheaper thread, though. I find it so stressful to use that I don't buy it any more. When I'm making hundreds of stitches each day, the irritation builds up!

Jillian said...

Hope your new chickens prove to be good layers, Katherine. My son-in-law has just used our shed - wooden, and made redundant by our current building work - to make their chickens a palace! Hope the chickens respond with extra eggs!

Monica - you are sensible, and I hope to become so. I still have a few projects for which I bought thread kits - can I bear to abandon them? The shade of my waste-not-want-not grandmother is still over my shoulder.

Monica said...

Well, on the subject of throwing old materials out, I do what feels best to me. If it feels better to keep them, then do! I could see how getting good use out of something old may be satisfying too.

Personally, I can get a lot of satisfaction from clearing things out! The quilters at my guild were appalled when I told them that I throw out my offcuts from paper piecing. But I know that for me it would be much more stressful to keep them.