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Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Bag Binge

I haven't answered my own question of how many of the small bags I can use or give away - but there is probably no end to the number I can make! This week I have been on a roll and here is the result.

I had a supply of 5 inch wide fabric strips in a variety of black and red prints, so I made more black bags and some red, along the lines of my prototype and designed to hold a ball of wool.

 I also had some 10 inch squares of the same fabric, so I used them to make some larger bags of the same shape.

 I then made a few without the elastic at the top to serve as baskets or bowls. I bought some polyester boning (based on my experience with the bag embroidered with native flowers I made earlier this year). I thought the stiffened rim on the larger bag might make it useful for storing patterns. I have yet to decide if this will work.

I've found uses for the small open ones already.

This is the array so far.

They all fit inside the large one with the boning in the rim - so I have made a pile of bags and a way to store them.


Why do I feel so satisfied? I will find uses or homes for these - I really am a bag lady!

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