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Monday, July 30, 2012

Feather and Fan Silk Scarf

This is the longest break between posts since I started this blog. The gap is caused by a combination of factors - the building work beginning on our extension, my giving priority to my family history blog and publishing the a book from that blog on my grandfather's family, and the fact that I have been working on  upcoming birthday projects that can't be blogged about until after the birthdays.

Yesterday, however, I blocked and finished a scarf I have been working on.

The yarn for this was a gift from a friend who came across it on a visit to Sydney. It is a hand-dyed silk yarn produced by Ann Collins, a Sydney textile designer. It comes in 100gm balls - so quite a lot in a ball. There were two patterns with the yarn, both for scarves, one with a wave pattern, one feather and fan.  One ball will make three scarves.

I decided to make the feather and fan scarf for the friend who generously bought me the yarn - an unexpected and no-occasion present. There is plenty left to make something for myself.

It knitted up very easily - so light and soft to work with. I've knitted quite a few lace scarves and I still find it hard to believe the blocking makes a such a difference. I kept thinking the lace wasn't emerging.

I put off the blocking for a week or so. Our kitchen is packed into my sewing room and it isn't easy to find a space to block even a scarf, but yesterday I managed it on a rug on the floor of my study.

Miraculously, the lace appeared. This morning when I took out the T pins there was a really lacy scarf . The feather and fan pattern is evident and it will look great on my friend.

Now to pack and post it to her.

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katherine macwin said...

SO beautiful! It is truely worth blocking projects. Hope your extentions go well and that the time passes very quickly and you have your house back to rights soon. After the last 18months I never want to see workmen ever again lol.