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Friday, August 10, 2012

Chicken towel

I bought a pair of chicken towels along with the apron. They were inexpensive, didn't add to the postage, and I was curious to see what they were like. They looked more like runners to me, but I guess you could use them to cover something or to wipe your hands while cooking. They are, however, quite thin cotton without absorbency. I embroidered one of them to go with the apron, but haven't proceeded with the second one.

I kept telling myself I was completely insane. The thread is not very good, there is not much skill involved and I doubt the 'towel' is very useful. I think the chicken mesmerised me.
Once the head of the chicken was done it made me smile so much I just kept going. It is such a jolly chicken - full of personality and life, even with the weird colour combination.

The edges of the towel were over-stitched. I didn't much like them so decided to give it a herringbone border.

If all else fails, it would make a flag to hang on the chicken house!

My daughter's chicken palace, made from our old shed - it now has a verandah added.


katherine macwin said...

I think it looks so cute.
There is no reason why you couldnt just use it as a tray liner or another decorative piece like over the handle of the oven door or similar. Love your daughters chicken palace too.

Monica said...

It IS really cute and cheerful. I like Katherine's idea of a tray liner!