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Monday, March 21, 2011

Vivienne's Blouse Cushion.

Do you have a shirt that you really love,
One that you feel so groovy in?
You don't even mind if it starts to fade,
That only makes it nicer still.

This is my friend Vivienne wearing a favourite blouse on a holiday in Bali.

Vivienne has taken the plunge and turned this favourite blouse into a cushion.

The blouse was worn on some important occasions.

Now it has a new role and appearance

and will be recognisably part of family life for many years.

I asked Vivienne to lend her story to this blog for a number of reasons: we have been friends for well over fifty years and I empathise with the story; it manifests the satisfaction and reward I feel when recycling. Vivienne didn't just think about it- she actually did it; she didn't put off the day till the blouse fell apart, she did it while the fabric was worth using and she told the story - for now and the future.

What's more, it's a really nicely designed and executed cushion.
How good is that? Thanks Vivienne, for letting me use the story and photos.

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Anonymous said...

Its a wonderful story. Thanks for sharing it with us