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Friday, March 11, 2011

Kogin Chair pad

iI have been working on a Kogin chair pad from Inspirations 62. I loved it as soon as I saw it. The kit has been waiting for me to have a few clear weeks to work on it as it requires some concentration and quite a few hours.

Kogin is a Japanese needlework technique used to strengthen fabric for heavy domestic use. It employs geometric designs and thick thread, traditionally white thread on blue fabric. It fits into the 'pattern darning' needlework category.

Although my project is only cushion size, it is very intense thread coverage - and a lot of counting!

I began it before Christmas, but made an error of scale. When working with aida fabric my brain equates squares on the chart with squares on the fabric, so I counted squares when I should have counted lines. After six diamonds I  realised my error and put the work aside until I had time to start again. In late February I unpicked the work I had done, reread the instructions and started again.

This is one full run of the pattern (with a second run beginning at the top). On rereading the instructions I realised that this should have been embroidered right across, from one side to another by repeating the pattern across each row. Instead, I have embroidered it in vertical bands. I'm not too sorry about that. Both in terms of interest and focus, I think I am progressing well.
I am making progress - now filling the gaps.                                                                                                   

The finished embroidery washed and drying on a towel.

The cushion making went reasonably well. It wasn't very clear when the lining was added, but the instructions for joining the ends of the cording were terrific. Hope I remember next time I have to do it. The join is nearly invisible. 

I doubled the thread in the twisted cord. The amount in the instructions didn't look as thick as the picture.

I am very pleased with the result. It is a chair pad, rather than a cushion - which is what a dining chair needs.

I do not, however, think I will make another seven to create a set. I don't like or need padding on my chair, so Jim can have this one and guests can have cushions if they want them!

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Anonymous said...

You are doing a wonderful job and I don't think I would be brave enough to even vcontemplating trying something like this. You look like you are over half way there and I will enjoy seeing it finished. Mind you I made a very similar mistake with some hardanger I started last week and didn't see my error until I started cutting!!!!!!! Mind you I have rectified it and will just have to continue it as is and remember not to count holes but threads instead. Whoops LOL.