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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Storage bag

I have been trying to organise my stash of fabric to make it easier to search and find. I have managed to reclaim a few cubicals in the Ikea storage unit we set up to hold mainly toys and things used by our grandchildren when at our place and bought some rafia baskets to fit the cubicals.

I was one basket short, so, inspired by a patchwork one I saw at Hetty's Patch, I decided to make a large square storage bag to fit a cubicle. I didn't want to take the time to do patchwork (the coasters have satisfied my immediate yen to use little squares!) so I cut 10 x 36cm squares, interfaced four of the squares and joined them into 2 bags of four sides  and a bottom (one bag interfaced).

The spotty inside fabric comes from my mother's stash. It would look terrific in a child's dress, but unfortunately it fades dramatically when washed. While the bag might get washed, it won't be so frequent as to cause great problem.

The outside fabric is from a cotton Indonesian ikat scarf. It is lovely fabric, but I don't tend to use cotton scarves. This way it will get seen a lot more.

This is the laden bag in situ.

A very satisfying little project.

1 comment:

Jillian Cheek said...

Very clever idea. Can I pass it on to a friend who has those storage cubes? I love the scarf fabric on the outside.