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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Glamis Rose and Thistle finish

The third section of the Rose and Thistle ( that is, the second rose) is finished. This time I largely worked the leaves by eye rather than following the photograph. I also returned to and touched up the other rose
 and the thistle 
before blocking the piece on plastic over the rug in my workroom.
Philippa's instructions called for a suitable size cork board which I didn't have. As I wanted to do it immediately I used my true and tried method. I did, however, insert the plastic.

The result was great. I'm very pleased.
All I need to do now is construct my cushion!


margaret said...

wonderful stitchery you have certainly made both the rose and thistle look very real indeed

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Beautifully stitched and your pillow is going to be wonderful! Next time I use a hoop I'm going to try using plastic wrap. Sounds like a great idea.

Monica said...

I think that is a lot more satisfying, when you can just stitch by eye and not worry about the instructions too much. I love the motifs, and I am very interested to see how you finish the cushion!