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Sunday, September 13, 2015

Ethnic Embroideries Study Group:A Feast of Embroideries from China

Last week I attended the monthly meeting of the Guild's Ethnic Embroideries Study Group - one of my favourite Guild groups. The group exists  to gain a greater understanding of embroidery through the study of traditional textiles from around the world. The different techniques and materials used, the significance of traditional designs, the place of embroidery both domestically and ceremonially in the lives of people of other cultures are all explored by the study of embroideries from the Guild's Museum and other public and private collections and through research and the sharing of knowledge.

This week Glenys Osborne, a member of the group, showed, and spoke to us about, her collection of embroideries from China, collected in the years she and her husband lived and worked there. Glenys has a fabulous collection and we all had a great time looking, touching, asking questions and following her journeys on her map.

Much of her collection comes from ethnic minority groups in the more rural and remote areas of China.

I did not take notes in the session so will simply post the photos, hoping others will enjoy the variety, attraction and skill of the pieces we were privileged to see.

skirt in hanging panels, like a vertical blind
Inside of the skirt


Monica said...

This looks like an interesting day! I especially like those red and blue hanging critters near the beginning -- were they dogs? Lion dogs? Anyway, I'm sure it was fun to hear her stories. Thanks for the photos!

Jillian said...

Yes, we all enjoyed it. You got it - lion dogs I think we decided!