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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bird hand towels

A couple of years ago I bought a supply of hand towels to embroider. I was looking for usable hand towels - terry towelling for absorbency and big enough to hang on a small towel rail without falling off.

I found a couple of pair about 15"x30" with a panel devoid of loops and printed for embroidery
as well as some that had in Aida panel inserted. The other day I needed a grab-and-go project so grabbed one of the towel pairs printed with a cross-stitched bird. 
It came with thread so all I had to do was follow the chart.

This proved to be less than satisfactory. Cross-stitching on to the cotton panel didn't give good coverage. Accuracy wasn't easy. I didn't much like the result.
So for the second towel in the pair, I used the shape, but not the crosses. Instead, I tried chain stitch for the bird - a much better result.
I completed the bird and greenery in chain stitch and the flower in buttonhole stitch.
This was so much better that I then over stitched the cross-stitched bird with chain stitch - an altogether better result.   I now have a pair of usable hand towels!


Monica said...

What a difference! The chain stitch covered beautifully. It looks tricky to convert the crosses, but the result was very natural. An inspirational adaptation, and another good idea to remember. I will be looking at cross stitch differently now. :D

Jillian said...

It was serendipity Monisca. I had been helping out at a Guils class in a local library and my student wanted to use chain stitch. Because I had been teaching it that morning the possibliity came easily to mind.

margaret said...

the second towel worked perfectly, I have some very old hand towels that Granny stitched, she died in 1956, I do not use them but keep them as they are so sentimental I was only 10 when she died and loved her so much

Jillian Cheek said...

They look lovely! I love the effect of the chain stitch... it simulates the line of the feathers. I'm sure you'll enjoy using them.