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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Toy Chest magic needleholder

The needleholder in the Toy Chest Etui takes the form of a 'magic wallet' - two covers that flip from edge to edge. We practiced making one of these from skirtex in the original class. I needed some reminding, and the sample helped.

The trick was working with the lining panels first, then adding the fronts.

There was no instruction about adding flannel pieces to take the needles, so I didn't. I notice that at least one finish for this item posted to Pinterest has flannel inserted. I figure it would disrupt the "magic" flow, and needles (unlike pins in a pincushion) will go in and out of the silk. If this doesn't prove the case I will add a piece of flannel.

I have tried inserting a little video to show how the 'magic' works. Not sure how successful this will be, as I can't test it until the blog is published! If it doesn't work, and you don't know how the magic works, try watching this commercial clip.

This is not the most perfect of finishes, but it works and fits the style of the Toy Chest. I do like the 'magic' effect of flipping the covers back and forth.


Monica said...

Video! How cool! And it is a pretty cool little piece, too. I like this one a lot.

Fun post. :D

Jillian said...

Thanks Monica. Unfortunately, the video does not seem to appear on an iPad or IPhone - even though I made it using my iPhone! It IS a bit of fun, though, and worth experimenting for.

katherine said...

Its flying along. Thanks for the video too. Very interesting.

Lyn Warner said...

Enjoyed seeing how it works on the video, thanks.