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Friday, May 2, 2014

Toy Chest Etui construction

17 months have past since I finished the embroidery for the Betsy Morgan Toy Chest Etui that I began at Beating Around the Bush 2012 - and a full two years since the class. I put off the construction because I needed clear space for the accurate cutting involved and we were in the midst of building work. Then other projects intervened. I was, however, determined that it should be finished before BATB 2014 in late September. So, with my quilt finished, the Toy Chest Etui needed attention.

The first thing that struck me as I got it out of its bag, was how much I had forgotten.  The instructions, on re-reading, were nowhere near as clear as that seemed two years ago. The array of teeny-tiny bits and pieces prompted only the vaguest of memories about what I might do with them.

I got more confident as I assembled the measuring and cutting tools and prepared the skirtex pieces. I decided to begin with the etui itself - the piece I could remember most clearly. I cut into the linen and the silk lining- but only the large pieces for the box.

 Once the scary cutting was over, I got into the swing of it. I rather like lacing - and it began to come together.

I had to practice a bit to get the hang of the joining stitch - which we had practiced thoroughly in class - again. It did, of course, come back to me - and there is a lot of chance to practice!

The pieces fit together quite well, using the techniques described.

Attaching the loop and bead to close the lid was a bit tricky as there is a small overhang from the lid. I attached the loop to the inside of the lid rather than the edge.

I made and inserted the optional lavender ravioli in the base.

It is really satisfying to have this completed - now to complete the little tools to fill it up!


margaret said...

this is a real work of art so beautiful, you must be thrilled with it and rightly so

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. Yes,I am pleased. It is good to see the finished box in front of me.

Monica said...

I Can Not Believe that it is already 17 months since you finished the stitching on this. 6 or 7, I would have thought.

But, thank goodness it all came back to you, because it looks brilliant! That little lavender ravioli is a nice touch too.

Is it for use, or for display? I'm sure they will love to see it at BATB this year too.

Excellent work, congratulations!

Jillian said...

Many thanks, Monica. The time has gone somewhere - I don't feel two years older! I'm not sure yet about whether I will use it. Originally I intended it as an heirloom, but with three granddaughters I'd have to make two more . As I am construction the 'tools' I'm thinking some will be useful - and some not. I might end up using it for some of the tools. On the other hand, I have enrolled in Christine Bishop's Birdcage etui class for BATB this year, so maybe I'm on my way to three....

Cynthia Gilbreth said...

I love it, it turned to be beautiful! But don't feel bad, I have a UFO from BATB 2009. I like the term ravioli - I've never heard it applied to a lavender sachet before.

Jillian said...

Thanks Cynthia. Ravioli is the term Betsy Morgan uses. I assume it comes from the process of putting the lavender between two sheets of interfacing and pressing. Good luck with your 2009 UFO. I felt it was a bit 'now or never' for this one.

katherine said...

I remember following the embroidery posts on this one and it is gorgeous. You must be very proud of it.

Jillian said...

Thanks Katherine. Yes, the embroidery took several weeks of posts - and the construction likewise, but I'm really pleased to be seeing the result.