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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Embroidered bags 3 of 3

The third of my embroidered bags also utilised crocheted medalions from Portobello Gypsy. This time I used quite a few smaller medallions to form a group of flowers around a small square doily with an inset of a lace butterfly.

I secured the doily to the bag with a double border of closed  feather stitch.I also overlay some of the crocheted medallions with a few lace flowers that were stitched to a bridesmaid's dress I wore in 1970 (or was it 1969?). The dress is long gone but I kept the lace flowers (and some of the fabric). These, I think, are the very last.

 For this bag, I wanted to try out some of the lattice stitches from Mary Corbet's Lattice Sampler.

This piece is battlement couching - filled in with shades of pink and the top layer couched down.

The one to the left has a similar purple fill, adjacent to it is crossed on the diagonal in a variety of colours.

Here we have couched crosses within a couched grid.

I have tried to link each fill to the next one with a colour carry-over.

I used perle thread for most of this work and couched a bundle of threads in feather stitch as a border around the whole thing, adding a couple of lace butterflies for good measure.

This one is lined in a tiny floral and has a cotton lace edging. From the way Niamh walked around with it on Christmas Day, I think she thought it was OK.


margaret said...

oh yes can see this is very well loved, lots of embellishing on the bag, very nice, must check out those crochet pieces they are lovely

Jillian said...

Thanks Margaret. I found the crocheted pieces irresistible (obviously!).

Monica said...

Yes, she looks quite pleased! I think the lattices worked well with the crochet flowers, just the right balance of similarity and contrast in texture. The print lining sounds wonderful too.

You certainly were busy before Christmas!