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Friday, January 25, 2013

Siennese Illuminated Treasure Box

I had a couple of small wooden boxes in my stash which I thought might be about the right size for the Siennese Illuminated Treasure piece I have just finished. They proved, however, to be too small. That is probably just as well, as I had bought them with a purpose in mind!

I also had a much larger dark oak box that I had purchased using a discount voucher that needed to be used by a particular date. After a bit of testing and debate I decided to use the oak box. The alternative was to make a box - a possibility that is still open if I decide I don't really like this piece on the oak box, since I didn't need to cut the fabric to mount it.

It took a bit of manoevring to get it satisfactorily centred, particularly since one of my edges wasn't quite straight.

I also discovered that the hoop had left a mark - I hadn't removed it each night since I was working on it pretty constantly.

I wasn't prepared to try laundring the silk, so embroidered my initials and date over the marks.

I'm not sure what I will use the box for, but I will find a place and use for it in the sewing room which is slowly coming back together. In the meantime, the photo on the kitchen table gives a sense of size and shape of the box.


margaret said...

a wonderfully stitched box top, I think you should use it for very special things as it is so special

katherine said...

This looks wonderful made up!

Monica said...

It looks great on the box! The style of the box and the colour of the stain is certainly very appropriate for the stitching. It will become a treasure, I think!

Karyn said...

The box is perfect for your embroidery, which is so very pretty. I want to try some stumpwork; when i have time (so not for a long time!!)