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Monday, January 28, 2013

The last of the Christmas projects

When I made the Jenny MacWhinney peg bag back in September, we had limited laundry use and difficulty getting to the clothes line. I thought of giving the peg bag away, but decided to keep it for a future in which washing and hanging out was easier - as it now is.

However, one of my daughters really loved the bag and said her family would really like one - so another Christmas present solved. I had enough linen and threads to manage.

This time I managed to transfer the whole design to my fabric - last time I missed two birds the first time! The Doodler lap frame works really well for this project.

I was also able to work quite a bit from memory - and improvise here and there.

Even the second time around, I love the variety of stitches and stances and the keen observation of bird behaviour evident in this design.

I had enough fabric for the bag and enough webbing. I had to send away however, for the clip to hang it. At this point, I decided to make a third bag, for my other daughter and her partner, who would not be with us on Christmas Day, but with whom we would exchange presents in mid-January. So I ordered two clips - and more webbing.

I had enough fabric for the third bag, but the linen piece was slightly darker than the linen I used for the first two - no bad thing.

In the pre-Christmas stitching effort and building activity, I missed taking any construction photos, so focused on those for bag 3.

By now I could stitch the scallops pretty quickly.

Once again, I used stitching plastic in the base to allow water to drain out if the bags get wet.

 I ran out of suitable fusible interface on the third bag, so quilted the interfacing I had into the lining.
The base insertion has also become a fairly easy exercise on the third time around!

 I filled the bags with UV-resistant pegs that I found in a catalogue. Time will tell if they are last longer than other pegs.

Everyone is happy with their pegbags.

I am doubly happy, because I responded to a Country Bumpkin Facebook request for information about what followers were stitching for Christmas, and won an Inspirations kit!

No, not a kit for the pegbag - for the Fallahi pincushion in Issue 72, something I had thought of making but I resisted the call of the kit!


Jillian Mary said...

That peg bag looks spectacular. I would love to try one, but I WILL finish my quilt first.

Jillian said...

Thanks, Jill. I think they are just great (obviously!)- really useful as well as attractive and fun to make .

katherine said...

Congratulations on your little win and I love those peg bags. They are on the to-do list.

Monica said...

I saw your photo in the magazine, but I didn't realize you won a prize! That's a lot of tassels on that pincushion!

I can't believe you've made three of these now. I don't know how you do it. "Always stitching", sure, but so am I, pretty much!

Anyway, congratulations!

Jillian said...

Katherine, I highly recommend the pegbag. I reckon you'd enjoy it. On the whole, Monica, I don't often undertake projects as large as some of yours. I reckon your output stacks up pretty well alongside mine!

margaret said...

these are surely treasures your family will keep. Quite right you deserved your win from Inspirations. Eagerly waiting for the new Inspirations to pop through the letter box.