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Saturday, December 1, 2012

More ballet bears!

The ballet bears I made last year for the Christmas tree were a great hit and all found their way to good homes with happy girls - big and small! At the end of last year I snapped up three more of these Bucilla kits for future Christmases. So I dug one kit out and cut and stitched my way through it's 6 ballet bears for this year's tree.

After the concentration of the Toy Chest cross-stitching, the disembodied body parts of ballerina bears took some adjustment, but I was in the swing of it pretty quickly!

 Ballet bears were soon peering at me over the top of my workbag
I rather like the idea of 18 of these hanging on the Christmas tree and walking out the door with visitors, but I'm not sure I will get another two sets made this year. Still, 6 is an encouraging start.


margaret said...

Love these bears, why stop at 18, how about 24 do an advent calender, add a little pocket to each and wow they would look wonderful. Just an idea!!

katherine said...

They are so sweet.

Jillian said...

It's a great idea. Don't think I can manage it for this year (especially as Advent has started!) but definitely a future possibility.

Monica said...

They look great, Jillian. I still have a box full of felt projects to do someday too! They look so cheerful!

Jillian said...

Thanks, Monica. They ARE cheerful aren't they? They make me smile. Must be why I like them so much.