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Friday, December 7, 2012

Beaded Magi: Melchior

I bought three Mill Hill beading kits - the three Magi - to try out for Christmas. I haven't used paper before as a basis for stitching or beading and wanted to try it out.

With Christmas fast approaching I decided to have a go with Melchior - the one who happened to be on the top of the pile!

These kits have a lot going for them. Once you have the thread sorted and labelled and the beads likewise, the project fits easily into a bag and away you go.

The downside is the need to hold them in one hand - not at all good for my left hand thumb joint, and the reason I try to use sitting or lap frames.

The colours are great and the beads add depth, dimension and lustre.

I sat outside stitching this for the best part of a day using the natural light.

I had to use my wrist brace for most of this work.

The Magi's gift is stitched separately on the canvas and then attached to his hand.

Never having used this perforated paper before, I was very careful about cutting out.

I decided to back the ornament with some of the hand-made felt I had left from an earlier project. The gold colour made it quite a good match and gives a bit of strength to the ornament. The paper by now was rather soft and felt a bit weak at the point of the hand.

My granddaughter said he is 'cool' - so I mark that up as a success!

I am not sure that his two companions will be done in time to join him on our Christmas tree this year, but I guess Magi are used to waiting.


margaret said...

very interested in your perforated paper, have never tried it as I thought it would go soft and floppy, seems like it is okay for small projects from what you have said. The magi looks wonderful and very regal

Jillian said...

Yes, it worked quite well on this project but I wouldn't want work a large piece. The big blocks stand up quite well but the smaller, thinner bits, such as hands, bent and got a bit soft.

JennyPennyPoppy said...

Your beaded Melchior finished up beautifully and looks so rich in colour. I've done a couple of the Mill Hill tree kits and though I made a lot of mistakes I did enjoy stitching them.