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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Millie Molly Dolly Bags
I came across this pattern while looking for something else (as one does) and thought it would be great to make for my granddaughters so I bought a pdf pattern from The Peppermint Patcher. The pattern seems to have disappeared from the shop since I bought it but it still features in the Peppermint Patcher's blog.

It took me about two days to make these bags. I was a bit hampered by our building work. My stash is accessible behind racks of wine, my cutting out space was a bit of my desk and my ironing board the top of my office cupboard.

I intended to take more photos of the work in progress, but ended up just focusing on managing the project in the space.

The clothes are mostly from bits left over from dresses I have smocked for the girls at one time or another. One has pink underwear and the other pale green spots.

The clothes fasten at the shoulders with press studs. I am a bit nervous that they will be too hard for the girls. I could have replaced them with velcro, but  think the press studs give a better look if they work.

The project tested my skills at working with fusible batting and fusible webbing. I also used the three lines of stitching option on my machine for the first time!

It is a really fun project and went down a treat on Christmas Day.

The press-studs were fine - much better than velcro would have been.


margaret said...

these bags are full of character I can see why they went down so well Christmas morilning and I amkl sure they will be well used and loved

katherine said...

Those bags are amazing! Such a wonderful gift for little girls. I also love your wizard of oz ornaments too. I am in the process of de-christmasing the house lol. Tinsel and baubles everywhere.

Monica said...

What a great pattern, and I love all the fabrics you have used!

Looks like you had a nice time on the patio. We are digging out from 8" of snow today.

The Lady Stitcher said...

What a great idea- i've just bought the pattern and will make one for the little girl next door for christmas next year.

Jillian said...

So glad you all share my delight with this pattern. It has been a great success. I reckon they'd make good items for charity events too if the Peppermint Patcher would give permission.