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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Treasure Chest for Hardanger Panel

I had a piece of cotton batik in my stash, bought in Indonesia, that went well with the hardanger panel.

I set aside a day to make the box. I had read all the instructions through when the kit arrived and realised there were a lot of steps that needed concentration and time. I have Meg Evans' inspiring book Hand-Stitched Boxes that I have yet to use to make anything, so I thought this treasure box with very clear instructions, might be the kick-start I need.

I visited my local framer who kindly gave me a large off-cut of mount board. He has been terrific with such off-cuts in the past.
I got my metal rule, several sharp pencils, the fabric I was going to use and even put a new blade in my Stanley knife.

I measured and re-measured before cutting - and it made a box! No doubt about it!

Then I made my mistake.
Having read the instructions and noted with interest  that the fabric was lined with applique paper and tissue to make book cloth, I completely lost this step.

I continued to cut out the fabric carefully, measuring angles and checking each measurement.

I applied craft glue and rolled the fabric on to the box, checking every step. It was as I applied the fabric to the lid, carefully folding the tricky corners, that I remembered the book-cloth bit. 

Go back, or go on? I couldn't see myself removing the cloth. I could go on, start again or cut more cloth and apply over the top. I decided to go on and see how it looked when finished. I figured I might as well make a whole new box as try to alter this one.

It was very wet with glue and I couldn't tell how it would look, so I left it to dry while I laced the lid.

Several hours later the box was dry and looked good enough for me to use. I figured I could proceed with the lid, and still redo the bottom later if I had to.

So I left it overnight, cursing myself for simply forgetting that step. Age and enthusiasm - a bad combination!

Here's the result.

I'm using it for all my loose buttons. My button tin now has only packets or sets of buttons.
No more removing all the packets and cards before I can find the interesting  loose ones underneath.

So far it is strong and smooth. If it shows signs of wear I will redo the bottom - with book paper. I will also make another box soon so I can get it right. 

In the meantime, I really love this box.
Thanks Yvette and Janie.


Monica said...

Looks great, Jillian! Loose buttons were what I was planning to store in mine too! It's great to see it made up.

Yvette Stanton said...

Hi Jillian, I love the fabric that you've chosen to go with it. It does work beautifully!

Karyn said...

Jillian, i think the batik fabric goes beautifully with the colours in your Hardanger. I love the finished product.
My carded buttons are in a white box, my loose buttons are in an old vegemite jar, a big jar in the shape of a bear (was a promotional thing years ago)