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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hardanger Treasure Chest Lid Panel

I was mightily attracted to the little treasure box with a hardanger lid in Inspirations 73 and sent for the kit for the hardanger panel.

I have never tried hardanger although I have, a long time in the past, done a bit of drawn thread work.

Yvette Stanton designed the hardanger, and Janie Hubble the box.

It was a great project for a someone new to the technique. I took my time and worked it 'in the moment', relaxing into each stage.
The instructions were clear and logical. I really like the way the pattern emerged, each bit adding a new dimension, like an unfolding story rather than a jigsaw puzzle.

The main thread, a variegated Cottage Garden Threads stranded cotton in Raisin is lovely to look at and lovely to the touch.

I like the notion of kloster blocks - the basic "bricks" of five satin stitches over four threads - as a way of defining the work, like the foundations of a building.

The instructions didn't mention a hoop, so I didn't use one. This was OK for the kloster blocks, but when it came to the next step - cable stitches - I decided a hoop would help keep the tension.

I have fixed my seat frame with an extra screw, but its hoop is too large so I used a hand hoop and wrist brace.

Cables completed

I am surprised at the level of calm satisfaction this is providing as I add layer on layer to a small piece of linen!

with little eyelet stars

I had a few moments hesitation over the four sided stitches on the border - to complete each one or work cross-bars then sides? I nearly sent Yvette Stanton a message through Stitchaholics to ask - but decided not to be wuss. I went with the crossbars first.

The final step was the beading - so satisfying to put them in as a finishing touch. I have so enjoyed this project - lovely little steps that yield a big result and fantastic colours.

I have found some fabric for the box. That will be a bit of a challenge for me, as it requires really accurate measuring and cutting. I hope,  to do justice to this piece, I can make a box I am happy to use.


Yvette Stanton said...

Jillian! You have done an amazing job! I cannot believe that you've never done any Hardanger before. You should be so very proud of your results, because it looks magnificent.

If you ever do want to ask any questions, please feel free to contact me through my blog, or via the email address on my website.

Again, congratulations!


Janie Hubble said...

Fantastic job Jillian! And I'm at the end of an email if you need any help putting the box together.


Jillian said...

You are both very generous. This is an inspired project and I want to do more hardanger and more boxes!

Monica said...

I love this design too. It didn't fit into my budget or schedule, so I am glad to see someone else do it! Living vicariously!

Sharon Brodeuse said...

Great job, Jillian! I enjoyed your comments about not being sure how to do a couple of the areas...I often have those moments in stitching! The result is beautifully done.

Sharon Brodeuse said...

Looks beautiful, Jillian! I appreciated the fact that you talked about hesitating when doing a couple of the areas...that happens to me often! You also inspire me to work the project, too. I've already got the instructions just need to choose the threads and color of fabric.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jillian!