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Monday, January 2, 2012

Monogrammed needlerolls

I thought this project, in Inspirations 69, would make a good Christmas present, so I worked on one for each of my daughters.  It is worked on ecru linen with DMC.
The monograms worked well. They are worked in stem stitch, with split stitch outlines. The circle surround is eyelet stitch with granitos for the flower leaves. There are three padded circles in the design - a new technique to me.

I had quite a bit of trouble making up the first roll. It took me several attempts to get the pockets right. I had trouble distinguishing between the lining fabric and the outer fabric to get the right bits attached to the zip - a case of more haste less speed, as usual. The second one went more smoothly, but I ended up with the top of the big pocket a bit crooked.

The ring roll is meant to be secured by a stud. The stud came with the kit, but not the tool to attach it, and the instructions were 'attach the stud'. It is a long time since I used studs, and never this kind.
After I had destroyed one stud completely (with a hammer in my hand I don't think 'gentle'!) I decided to use press-studs with a button on top. The two buttons I used were 1940s ones from my mother's stash.

However, I then realised that a small ring (as opposed to my own larger rings) would not fit over the buttons - so more unpicking!

In the end I settled for bullion roses in the white thread.

I also added a small loop to the outside so the ribbon can tie without going around the whole roll and obscuring the monogram. I'd also like to get one of those tiny irons to iron around motifs like this on linen. It is quite hard with an ordinary iron to get into the little corners.

In the end they came up well and made good presents.



Karyn said...

Oh I do love your needlerolls, they look fantastic.
I am very impressed with the little loop for the ribbon; what a great idea - and one I must try to remember! It would have been a shame to cover up the very pretty embroidery.
I hope you stay cool with at least one more hot day to come.

Jillian Mary said...

Love these rolls! They look very useful as well as beautifu.
I sympathise about the studs. I made a pair of overalls for a friend's granddaughter. They had studs all along the inside leg, and they were a pain. I got John to do them, but I ended up wishing I had used press studs, or buttons, or even better, just sewed up the legs. When i saw the child she was wearing ordinary pants. I thought that she would be, as most of the babies at playgroup do, but I made the mistake of checking with my friend. Still, they looked good. It was a cricket get up, and Patricia had commissioned a cricket vest, and added and Australian crest to a floppy hat.

Monica said...

"attach the stud", lol! I love it when they say things like that. I don't think they mean to be funny. I am about to write about a similar situation with my big quilt project.

Diana said...

Hi Jillian,
Happy New Year from Phil and myself to you and Jim.
I just looked at your blogsite because the address was in your Christmas card. I love your work!

Phil and I sent you an emailed greeting before Christmas because we were going away & not sending mailed cards. I sent it to Jim's email address because it was the only one I had, but it wasn't current any more. This is that greeting to you, so turn up the sound!:

Hoping to see you soon.

Warmest regards to you both,
Diana Jaquillard