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Friday, January 20, 2012

Girls' Tops

This Christmas I decided to make smocked tops, rather than dresses, for my granddaughters. This was really a choice amongst the kits in my stash chosen not so much for immediate wearability, but for what might be useful in a few months' time, since they have quite a stock of summer dresses.

I really liked Temily, in AS&E issue 80, and bought two kits, figuring I could reverse the thread colour to make 2 distinct versions for Veronica and Niamh. I could see them wearing it over jeans around the time they start school,  later in 2012.

The magazine version has an orange picture-smocked abstract flower, with purple around the centre, so I did one like that and one with purple and orange reversed.

There is a neat running stitch around the frill and seams. Unfortunately, in the Christmas rush, I didn't take photos of the finished garments. Once it is cool enough for the girls to wear them, I will rectify.

For Brigid I made Free Spirit, from AS&E 92. It has a smocked yoke and a little bit of smocking to bring in the three-quarter sleeves. I am happiest with designs, like this, that use smocking for functional, rather than merely decorative effect.

The colours and design of this top are very pleasing. I thought it might be more autumn than summer, but Brigid has worn it a lot since Christmas. She says it is comfortable and cool.

My quick iPhone snaps give her an impressionist portrait look!


Monica said...

Those are fantastic photos of Brigid! She looks like someone from another era!

I love the top you made her too. Lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

They all look wonderful! I agree that the top would be cool and comfortable. I have always found cotton fabric to be cooler than a T-shirt. Cant wait to see the twins wearing theirs.

Karyn said...

Brigid does look lovely in her top. I like smocking to be functional too, but really, I just like smoking in any form.
Temily is a lovely pattern, I hope the girls like them.