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Monday, August 1, 2011

Silk bag therapy - Two of Three

In between some work I have stitched up the remaining silk bags from the fabric I bought from Fabricana (see Silk bag therapy - One of Three). It has been a good thing to do in a break. Since the bags are cut out, it doesn't take long to make one. The fabric is so lovely to work with - although I have learned not to wear my black wool jumper while sewing it!

I am going to post the next group here and the rest in one later post.

The first few are very straightforward, a sari piece in bright orange that included a heavy brocade border with silver thread

and a lovely piece of silk organza embroidered in satin stitch. This needed lining to manage fraying edges.
The bag to the left has bands of  elephant and deer and is a good size - probably 40 cm high.

The next group needed more careful cutting. The peacock bag is about 24x35cm.

 There was enough of the non-bordered part to make another small bag.

 A satin-stitched flower border also looks good.

In this silk jungle print, the tigers have been embroidered with chain stitch and beaded.  There was enough to make a smaller and a larger bag.

The trickiest one to stitch was a piece with a heavily beaded border. In the end I whipped the bottom closed by hand.

I do rather like the result though.

How will these bags be used? I'll use them in place of gift wrapping in the hope they will be used again and continue the enjoyment of the fabric for just a bit longer.


Karyn said...

All of the bags are lovely. What a great way to give a gift; with the wrapping a gift in itself. They are all so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

They are all beautiful! You must be loving having all that gorgeous fabric to play with.