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Monday, August 22, 2011

Knitting Needle Roll.

I recently bought a set of bamboo knitting needles as a gift. Last year I bought myself two sets of bamboo double pointed needles in sets of 5, one the usual size and one short - only 13cm long - for knitting small things. I bought them online from Hong Kong and I like them a lot.

The current gift set came from DinoDirect.The needles are 36cm long. I am not sure how good the 2.0mm needle will be in bamboo, but the other 13 pairs of needles will be fine.

I then set about making a knitting needle roll to keep them in, selecting a piece of fabric I bought in Bangkok in 2001. The fabric is meant for a long Thai skirt and top. It has two pieces, one with a brocaded border, the other a matching plain. I will never make it up to wear and I thought it would look great in a needle roll and perhaps later, a knitting bag as well.

One of the attractive things about this fabric, is that it has a stripe - easy for measuring and cutting, and about the right width for a pair of knitting needles!

I cut it to fit 15 pair of needles in width, and tall enough to fold inside at top and bottom to form a flap.

I cut lining from the plain fabric and used synthetic quilting backing between the layers.

I quilted it down the lines of the main fabric, and also put an elastic strip across the middle inside so the needles will be held down firmly.

This is the finished result on the inside, while the outside is very neat when rolled.

While ties work quite well on needle rolls, I got inventive and made a casing for two elastic rings that I attached at one edge. They stretch over the ends and hold it closed.

I finished the cased elastic with a bright non-functioning button.


Anonymous said...

Love this idea and the fabric is purfect too. Beautiful pattern and colours.

Karyn said...

Oh that is lovely! the fabric is gorgeous. I like your design with the elastic; i think it is the best needle roll i have seen yet!

Jillian said...

Thanks, girls. It really pleases me that you like it.

Jillian Cheek said...

That looks really good. I wonder how many sets of needles I could sort out of my top drawer? It would be good to have them in some kind of useful order so they could easily be found.
The fabric IS lovely.